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Brian Klingborg

About Brian Klingborg

Brian Klingborg has both a B.A. (University of California, Davis) and an M.A. (Harvard) in East Asian Studies and spent years living and working in Asia. He currently works in early childhood educational publishing and lives in New York City. Klingborg is the author of two non-fiction books on Shaolin kung fu; Kill Devil Falls; and the Lu Fei China mystery series (Thief of Souls and Wild Prey.)

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Wild Prey

The search for a missing girl sends Inspector Lu Fei undercover into the wild corners of Myanmar, and the compound of the deadly and mysterious woman warlord responsible for the illegal trafficking of exotic animals and possibly more, in the next book from Brian Klingborg, Wild Prey.

Wild Prey cover_edited.jpg

"Heart-stopping action, an in-depth characterization of a very persistent man, and wonderfully realized settings...a stunner!"

Booklist's Praise for Wild Prey

Praise & Reviews

"Klingborg ratchets up the tension as Lu uncovers a deeper conspiracy. The taut thriller on a topical theme is perfect for readers longing for an au courant successor to Eliot Pattison’s Inspector Shan Tao Yun mysteries."

LA Times's Praise for Wild Prey

"Brian Klingborg provides a masterful and immersive narrative creating a riveting twisted string of multiple unexpected reveals that propel this page-turner."

Mystery and Suspense's Praise for Wild Prey

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