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Brian Klingborg

About Brian Klingborg

Brian Klingborg has both a B.A. (University of California, Davis) and an M.A. (Harvard) in East Asian Studies and spent years living and working in Asia. He currently works in early childhood educational publishing and lives in New York City. Klingborg is the author of two non-fiction books on Shaolin kung fu; Kill Devil Falls; and the Lu Fei China mystery series (Thief of Souls and Wild Prey.)

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The Magistrate

A cabal of high-level civil servants has a tight grip on graft and corruption in Northern China's Harbin City.  For years, the members of this group, the so-called Nangang Benevolent Society, have raked in ill-gotten riches at the expense of ordinary citizens, but now they are being targeted by a shadowy figure who calls himself the Magistrate. 


Meanwhile, Deputy Chief Inspector Lu Fei is called to the scene of a brutal murder - the body of a foreign gangster has been found burned beyond recognition.  His investigation reveals that someone is systematically attacking local sex-trafficking networks that prey on young women who have defected from North Korea. 


Lu Fei soon finds himself drawn back to Harbin City, connecting the threads of vice, corruption, and murder.


"Mr. Klingborg's book has plenty of despair in store its persevering hero. It also features an action-rich finale calculated to warm the heart of even the most vigilant avenger."

WSJ Praise for The Magistrate

Praise & Reviews

"The conclusion is expertly rendered, and Klingborg does an exceptional job of illuminating Xi Jinping’s China to outside observers without being pedantic or heavy-handed. This is sure to earn the series new readers."

Publisher's Weekly Praise for The Magistrate

"With its nonstop action, suspense galore, fascinating locale and compelling characters (even/especially the nefarious ones), The Magistrate ticks all the boxes."

BookPage Praise for The Magistrate

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