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Writings by Brian Klingborg

"Love Is Forever"


Dark, Supernatural Fiction by Brian Klingborg.

"A Brief Primer On Martial Arts For Writers By Brian Klingborg"


Klingborg takes getting the details of his action scenes seriously, and today he’s here to share some tips from his nearly thirty years of experience practicing and researching martial arts.

"The Search for China's Serial Killers"


Reliable figures are hard to come by, but recent arrests indicate that China has an unknown number of American-style serial killers.

"Hong Kong's Second Golden Age of Kung Fu Films"


Brian Klingborg, author of the new Inspector Lu Fei mystery, Thief of Souls, returns this week to recall Hong Kong's second Golden Age of Kung Fu films.

"Recent Noir Films from Asia"


Brian Klingborg, author of the new Inspector Lu Fei mystery, Thief of Souls, stops by this week to provide us with his list of recent noir films from Asia.

"Simpletons Make the Scariest Villains of All"


As most cops will attest, your typical criminal is not the brightest bulb in the chandelier.

"Illegal Wildlife Trade is a Multi-Billion Dollar Business"

Screen Shot 2022-06-01 at 9.53.55 AM.png

Beyond ecology and animal welfare there’s now another reason to worry about the illegal animal trade—it’s become a multi-billion-dollar business for international criminal organizations.

"Travel This Summer Without Leaving Your Beach Chair"


Check out these international mysteries and thrillers recommended by fellow international mystery and thriller writers!

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