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The Magistrate

An Inspector Lu Fei Mystery

A group of high-level civil servants holds a tight grip over graft and corruption in Harbin City.  But now they find themselves being picked off one by one by a mysterious entity called the Magistrate. 

Meanwhile, Deputy Chief Inspector Lu Fei discovers someone is targeting local sex-trafficking networks that prey on young North Korean women. His investigation leads back to Harbin City, where Lu must connect the threads of vice and murder linking the local officials and the Magistrate. 


Wild Prey 

An Inspector Lu Fei Mystery

The search for a missing girl sends Inspector Lu Fei undercover into the wild corners of Myanmar, and the compound of the deadly and mysterious woman warlord responsible for the illegal trafficking of exotic animals — and possibly more — in Wild Prey, the next book from Brian Klingborg.

Wild Prey cover_edited.jpg

Thief of Souls

An Inspector Lu Fei Mystery

In Brian Klingborg's Thief of Souls, the brutal murder of a young woman in a rural village in Northern China sends shockwaves all the way to Beijing—but seemingly only Inspector Lu Fei, living in exile in the small town, is interested in justice for the victim.


Kill Devil Falls

When U.S. Marshal Helen Morrissey is tasked with collecting a fugitive bank robber from a remote town in the Sierra Nevadas, she braces for a rough trip. After all, with a name like Kill Devil Falls, her destination must be a real hellhole.

Turns out that it's worse than she imagined. Much worse. After barely surviving a white-knuckle drive in what she suspects is a sabotaged car, she's stuck in a virtual ghost town populated by a handful of oddballs and outcasts. But it's not until her prisoner turns up dead that Helen realizes she's in real trouble. There are secrets buried below the surface of Kill Devil Falls. Secrets worth killing for.


Secrets of Northern Shaolin Kung-Fu: The History, Form, and Function of Pek Sil Lum

Introduces the theory and practice of the traditional Chinese martial art form known for its repertoire of kicking techniques.

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