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Reviews for The Magistrate


"The conclusion is expertly rendered, and Klingborg does an exceptional job of illuminating Xi Jinping’s China to outside observers without being pedantic or heavy-handed. This is sure to earn the series new readers."

"Klingborg’s third Inspector Lu Fei mystery is also an immersion into the current Chinese sociopolitical situation, which informs every stage of this brutal crime spree. The large cast of shady characters that populates his tale of venality and governmental corruption is balanced by the righteous Lu Fei, a beacon of integrity. A complex, challenging crime yarn."

"Mr. Klingborg's book has plenty of despair in store its persevering hero. It also features an action-rich finale calculated to warm the heart of even the most vigilant avenger."

"With its nonstop action, suspense galore, fascinating locale and compelling characters (even/especially the nefarious ones), The Magistrate ticks all the boxes."

Reviews for Wild Prey

Wild Prey cover_edited.jpg

"Filled with plenty of close calls, the well-paced plot takes some unpredictable turns... This exciting outing shows a writer at ease with thriller conventions."

"This thriller delivers on heart-stopping action, an in-depth characterization of a very persistent man, and wonderfully realized settings. Lu Fei’s move from operating as a cop to working undercover as a buyer of exotic meats (with no official backup) is especially fascinating. A stunner."

"Brian Klingborg and his already iconic hero, Inspector Lu Fei of the Chinese Police, make a triumphant return in the exemplary Wild Prey... expanding on a series already bristling with originality... Terrific in all respects."

"Inspector Lu Fei is a Chinese cop with a conscience, reassigned to a remote village near Harbin due to his insubordinate inability to toe the Party line. His relentless search for a missing waitress leads him into the world of illegal wild-animal products. Despite being threatened by mobsters as well as wealthy Party bureaucrats who enjoy the forbidden delicacies, Lu’s pursuit takes him undercover to an exotic animal farm in the Burmese jungle. The details are fascinating and the story fully engaging. Klingborg does an excellent job bringing to life many of the subtle details of Chinese life and culture."

"Readers will be caught up in the exciting international chase that sees Lu hitting the road with little regard for his safety and armed with little except a strong desire to trample odious characters. James Patterson fans, this one’s for you!"

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Reviews for Thief of Souls


"Brian Klingborg’s Thief of Souls features one of the best opening sentences I have ever read in a mystery: “On the night the young woman’s corpse is discovered, hollowed out like a birchbark canoe, Inspector Lu Fei sits alone in the Red Lotus bar, determined to get gloriously drunk.”... This auspicious mystery begs for a sequel. Please let it be soon."

"Brian Klingborg is a scholar of Far Eastern studies who has spent plenty of time in the region, and he seems to have nailed China’s social and legal quirks and customs... Klingborg’s crisp prose keeps the narrative on the boil all the way to a climax that is not for the squeamish."

"Terse dialogue dominates this series debut, which wraps its depiction of contemporary Chinese society in the tropes of police novels. Even when the righteous Lu goes too far in interrogating a suspect, he keeps on going. Klingborg’s twisty, tense police procedural seems poised to kick off a series."

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